Smoking Contributes To Your Poverty

We all know how the aspect of spending money to buy cigarettes over our smoking lifetime will grow into a small fortune in and of itself but this goes much deeper than that. Smoking takes a toll on the body and our body is one of the most precious gifts we have, not valuing your health is like spitting on the entire universe. Becoming smoke-free is also good for your mind and helps us handle stress better. Once you finally do quit it is very empowering to know that you have the power over your life choices.

I’m excited to finally be able to say I’ve finally starved out and killed my little nicotine monster, it was actually surprisingly easy after listening to Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. Now I’m enjoying life so much better without cigarettes and I have realized that cigarettes don’t really help me do things better.

When I was a smoker I couldn’t enjoy myself without feeding that second hunger which was the nicotine monster. Smoking neither relieves boredom and stress nor promotes concentration and relaxation. How can one thing relieve feelings as opposite as boredom and stress? It’s all just an illusion. All I truly enjoyed in a cigaret was the end of the craving for it.

Your Health is Your Wealth

It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t have your health to enjoy it. My decision to become a non-smoker was because of the obvious health side effects that everyone already knows about and because I wanted the ability to handle stress better. A very common misconception habitual smokers have about smoking is that it gives them a sense of stress release when what it really does is just make you more stressful.

Nourish Your Body Not Your Nicotine Monster

The way we start our day is usually the way the rest of our day goes.

That sticky little nicotine monster can be very persuasive, it can trick us into thinking we don’t need to eat. If we are in a rush in the morning, instead of stimulating ourselves with a nourishing breakfast, before we start our day, we stimulate ourselves with some quick nicotine and or coffee.

I like having a smoothie in the morning and then a bit later I have a big healthy breakfast.

Start Associate Smoking With Pain, not Pleasure

If you think about it, whenever someone does anything it’s to experience pleasure or to avoid pain. Realize that smoking is not a habit or a pleasure, it’s an addiction and its a disease.

Keep Track of Your Progress

This is a powerful tool that most people do not use. Journaling is a powerful way to accomplish anything you’re trying to achieve in life. You can see where you’ve been compared to where you are you can see the progress you’ve made and it will motivate you to keep on moving forward moving towards your goal.

Keep track of how many cigarettes do you smoke and if you read your quit smoking affirmations. When you quit, keep track of how many days you haven’t smoked. It will be a powerful reason not to light up because if you smoke you have to start the count over again.

Develop Habitual Healthy Habits

Learn to create new positive habitual attitudes. Leave old unhealthy habitual attitudes behind. We are creatures of habit, what we do consistently is what we become accustomed to. If we want to make changes in life we have to change what we do consistently. Including what we think about.

Some habits can be overwhelming to adopt especially if it takes a while to actually become a habit. I have found that the easiest way to develop new healthy and prosperous habits is to start them off as a micro-habit. I highly recommend reviewing the book Mini Habits by Stephen Guise if you want to learn how to develop the habits you want.

Stop Smoking Homework

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