Book Reviews

Any book reviewed here is recommended reading for succeeding online and in life. Give yourself some reading homework and benefit from the empowering knowledge you will gain. If reading isn’t your thing you can listen to books on Audible.

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Podcast Reviews

Podcasts are great because you can take them with you wherever you go. There is so much great information being put out by podcasters on all sorts of topics. These reviews will include recommended podcasts, shows, or individual episodes.

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Online Courses

Online training course reviews. Separating the ones that are good for the ones that are a waste time.

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Business System Reviews

“All-in-one” kind of deals dissected.


Highly Recommended

Have I told you about my highly recommended #1 endorsement? Thanks to my favorite online business building platform I’m able to learn and build and get (and now give) awesome support when needed. It’s the first place I was able to break through and start earning income online and it’s where I continue growing.

View why My #1 Recommendation is what it is and other recent Highly Recommended books podcasts and courses to study and grow.



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