Photography Jobs Online Review – Is It for You?

With the all the internet and digital SLR cameras everywhere, you now have the power to earn a simple revenue stream online. But is it really as easy as submitting your photos and getting paid?

I encourage you to read through this whole review because this information will help you make a better decision on whether joining PJO is right for you or not.

  • Product/Service: Photography Jobs Online
  • Website:
  • Price: Monthly Membership of $27
  • Owner: Chris Page
  • Tools, Training, & Resources
  • Support
  • Price
  • Scalability


A members only directory of online photography jobs, stock photography agencies, training videos, articles, and tools for selling your photography.


  • A simple stream of income anyone can have fun growing.
  • Lots of information related to photography jobs all in one place ad free.
  • Full access 7-day trial for one buck.


  • Tools, Content, and training seem outdated.
  • Content other than their ebook and video library can be found on stock photography websites and blogs for free.
  • This product makes most of its money by enticing you with earning potential and recommending certain companies as their affiliate.


I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of helpful content about stock photography and there is even information on whats required to make it a full-time income. This is what a Photography Jobs Online membership includes:

  • Making Money from Your Camera A 52-page step-by-step-guide to get started and start submitting your pictures.
  • Photography Tools Photography software and services that are freely available online.
  • Make Money Video Library Around 50 videos on how to make money with your photography. This is where I found the most value.
  • Photoshop CS2 Tutorials CS2 was released in the early 2000s so this is definitely a bit outdated but if you have this version of Photoshop this has a lot of tutorials on how to create professional HDR images with it.
  • Agency Directories Stock photo agencies and a large alphabetized directory of over 500 photo agencies for freelance photographers.
  • Knowledge Base More than 100 additional articles about earning money as a photographer.


As with any online product sold through ClickBank, you can count on ClickBank to honor any refund or cancellation request with any 30-60-90 day money back guarantee or membership. PJO has no guarantees since it is a monthly membership site with trial periods.

Inside the “Member’s Homepage” there is an easy to find “contact us” form to use if you need any support as a PJO member.


Access for the first seven days isn’t even free, but my #1 recommendation for generating online revenue streams is. PJO requires a credit card and a non-refundable buck for their trial period. After that, you can expect to be paying $27 a month until you end your membership.

There is a way to get a 30 day trial period instead of the 7-day free trial. Here is how:

  • Simply go to their home page with the video then exit the page.
  • A box will appear asking if you are sure you want to leave. Click stay.
  • You will then be offered the 30 day trial for a buck.

Once you join you will be offered an upsell for an ebook on how to make $100,000 a year as a new photographer. Don’t feel pressured into buying it unless you truly do plan on making that kind of money with your photography.


Even though a majority of the training material is outdated, and despite the lame bonuses and paid survey plugs, I thought it was worth it. I knew nothing about selling photos before. I only paid a dollar and I got a ton of information and it was all I needed to establish a little stream of revenue I could grow on the side.

There are a lot of good reasons for doing photography. At first, it can start earning extra money to help with bills and over time as you add photos and see which of your photos sell you will learn the ins and outs and be able to earn more.


If you believe you can take quality photos and an are willing to get creative then PJO could be a good place for you to learn some stuff about earning money with photography.

Does the idea of taking a lot of photos or accumulating photography equipment excite you? Do you or would you like to consider yourself a photographer? Do you already have some photographs you can start a portfolio with?

If these answers where yes than PJO can be a fast way soak up a lot of information about stock photography and find a diverse amount of photography jobs for freelance photography.

If you have a particular passion for something and you just want to photograph in that area, that’s a good approach.

If you are not in a hurry to make money from your photos you could just do the digging and research yourself on stock photography websites and blogs.


POJ mainly focuses on stock photography and microstock photography. These don’t involve a large investment of your time or money and are a good introduction to freelance photography, which is where a full-time income is more realistic to make.

Stock photography, in general, is taking your images and hosting them through an agency to sell those images to other people. The agencies market your photos and sell them for you and you make a commission off each sale. The agency usually takes the bigger half of the pie but all you got to do is upload quality photos.

The instructions and steps are relatively easy and straightforward. The biggest hurdle might be creating your first portfolio if you are a beginner although a portfolio is not always required.


They do offer some decent information about earning money with photography but their training is not worth the monthly membership fee of $27. Selling stock photography is easy and doesn’t really require much training.

If you’re ready to sell stock photography then you can check out the member’s area for yourself, just make sure you cancel after you learn what you need to learn.

I prefer affiliate marketing and believe there is actually more profit potential from this product’s affiliate program which you can find at the very bottom of their website and see for yourself. Affiliate marketing is a bit more advanced and requires the proper training, commitment, and action. I encourage you to experience the training and community that helped me become a profitable affiliate marketer.

Check out My #1 Recommended Program for Making Money Online

If you’ve tried PJO please share what your experience has been like and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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One thought on “Photography Jobs Online Review – Is It for You?

  1. billy947

    November 13, 2017 at 5:57pm

    Very informative about PJO. I’m not a photographer per say, just with my phone. This review would help others that are photographers. Good Luck with your pictures also.

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    • Author


      November 14, 2017 at 1:38am

      Slowly but surely. Thank you, Billy, I try to be as informative as I can. Phones can have really nice cameras in them which is awesome because it’s the only camera you have with you most of the time.

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