Our Attitude Determines Our Altitude

In life, how high we fly and how far we will go is determined by the attitudes we take.”

You determine your own reality. People with a positive attitude experience a positive life and handle their lives better. The way we think about things is the way our reality really is. That can be an issue if you are not a happy person and things aren’t going in the right direction.

Learn to control your attitudes and environments and know that you are creating your own reality. It’s amazing how many different viewpoints people have. If I look at something and see one thing somebody else can look at it and see totally opposite.

There are people out there who hate their life and view the word as in the worst shape ever. Then there are people who see the world as great and make a ton of money and live there lives happily.

It’s our attitude towards life that determines life’s attitude towards us. Your external world is a mirror of your internal world. Our habitual attitudes shape the course of our life and the lives of those around us.

You have to consciously, boldly and deliberately take hold of your thoughts and feelings and redirect them toward prosperity and success.

Carry out into the world each morning the attitude you would have if you where the most successful human being on earth an notice how it quickly develops into a habitual attitude.” ~Earl Nightingale

Leave old unhealthy habitual attitudes behind

The okay I’ll try but don’t think its going to work attitude produces failure. Think doubt and fail, disbelieve has negative power. When our minds disbelieve and doubt, our minds attract reasons to support the doubts and beliefs.

Be cautious of the letting other people determine your reality and attitudes towards things. Especially all the people behind tv shows, ads, and news day after day.

You can put on a rubber band to snap any time you catch yourself getting negative. If someone asks you why you wear it say it keeps you positive.

We have got to get more positive than negative and have an attitude of gratitude for our awesome life and the opportunities all around us.

Gain Positive Habitual Attitudes

See things differently and shift your reality through your attitude. Our attitudes are more important than our intelligence.

  • Stay positive and remain calm.
  • See the reasons you can do it, not the reasons you can’t.
  • Develop an I’m winning attitude.
  • Put your intelligence to creative positive uses.
  • Find ways to win, not to prove you will lose.
  • Be proactive, not reactive.
  • See opportunity in negative situations.
  • Kill negative things with kindness and move on.
  • Hang around with positive people.
  • Show genuine interest in others because that brings your attitude up.
  • See things as tests.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.

It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.” ~Zig Ziglar

Adopt an Attitude of Love, Progress, and Good Energy

Beleive you can do it and that change can occur. We have been given a wonderful opportunity, all we have to do is start to make the shifts gain the momentum and change.

Everything is not always gonna turn out the way you want it to turn out. That’s not how life is and anyone who tells you everything is going to work out the way you want it to work out is wrong.

Life is full of up and downs, ins and out, and you just have to ride the wave of life and stay positive along the way. It’s amazing how awesome life can be if you keep the right attitude.

Attitude Homework

Start your Day With More Energy. Open your eyes to a new way of thinking. Get something different than the things you have been hearing year after year after year because if you want different results you must do somethings differently.

  • Listen to Morning Coach every morning and take action on the things they are discussing, get organized, get structured, and stay positive.
  • Get on a health kick, when we exercise and get in shape our attitudes get better so get up and start moving.
  • Extra Credit: Listen to Lead the Feild by Earl Nightingale or See You At the Top by Zig Ziglar

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