No More Felling Gun Shy

Welcome to Another Magnetic Money Music Monday!

We have all been a little gun-shy in our lives, it happens, we get afraid of consequences or making an error before doing something we should do and then procrastination sets in.

Sometimes. No more feeling gun shy
Feel like I am flying, you stay higher than a sunrise”

Nothing ever happens if you keep from taking shots in life. When you have a goal to shoot towards don’t be gun-shy, take action, take as many shots as you can towards reaching your goal.

This is the first song I heard by James the Mormon and I liked a few of his other songs as well. He looks like he is from the 70s above but it looks like he is straight out of Utah. His new album is called I’m Not A Rapper, check him out on youtube but don’t waste all day there. Youtube is one of the biggest distractions online when trying to get into the flow of working from home.

I’ve been scheming, low-key dreaming
Just to see me through your lens”

I’m sharing this song today because this guy stays positive. It’s a nice sounding and uplifting song. it’s a song with a positive message and I feel it relates to me recently. I’ve been a bit gun-shy when it comes to posting consistently. It helps others when I share how I’ve been learning to work from home and break free from a “job” by working online.

I’ve been watching ton, no dance
I ain’t cheatin like its Fifa
But I’d do it all again”

The Big Shot Is the Little Shot Who Kept on Shooting

Said I’m finna be somebody
Boy I feel it in my soul
Know that half of ya’ll been talkin
But I heard it all before
And like maybe I’ve been preaching
While we diggin our own grave
Keep on moving while we grieving
Ain’t no time to lie awake”

If you dig this song go ahead and add it to one of those playlists I talked about in the previous Music Monday. What do you think about this song? Do you have any money making songs that you listen to? Sharing it below for a chance to be featured on an upcoming Monday. Increase your money magnetism through music!

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