How To Gain Entrepreneurial Skills

Every single person in the world can benefit from learning a little more about being an entrepreneur and learning more about business whether you are a stay at home mother or a CEO of a corporation, we are all in business today.

Freedom comes from gaining entrepreneurial skills. One of the big reasons I created this website is to help people find financial freedom, whatever that is for them, and I believe that developing an entrepreneurial mindset and gaining entrepreneurial skills can help take you down that path. It can help free you up and also help you make decisions better even at work or even when you are making your own business decisions at home.

The entrepreneur mindset is the right mindset to have at work or as a business owner, wherever you are at in life. If you treat your job as an entrepreneur or as your business you are going to be more valuable to that organization. If you are always looking for opportunities and seeing things start to shift for you. Everyone can learn entrepreneurship and here are the best ways I’ve found to gain entrepreneurial skills.

Start a Small Business on the Side Around Your Passion

Starting your own small business can really make a big difference and will help you gain entrepreneurial skills faster than anything else because you will learn more about business by doing it than you will anywhere else in your life.

Entrepreneurs take what they love and turn it into a business. The beautiful thing about building a business on the side is eventually you will have a choice between doing the thing you thought you wanted to do or doing the thing you really love to do. Then you will be able to ask yourself if want to stick with what you are doing now or do you want to move forward with what you are truly passionate about.

You can do it now in so many different ways. You can open an eBay store for free and sell things you have a passion for.

You can create a website at Wealthy Affiliate that talks about and helps solve problems related to topics you are passionate about.

If You Don’t Know Your Passion Get Into Network Marketing

Network marketing gets a bad rap because people get involved with it for the money, not the education. People see network marketing opportunities and think they are going to make millions of dollars selling things or doing whatever it is and they don’t see the fact that it is a great fundamental start to understanding business and gaining entrepreneurial skills.

If you are too busy or if you have a hundred different excuses then network marketing is a low entry type of business model where you can get some mentorship. I have an issue when people get filled with so much hope that they want to just quit their job right away and go do this full time because it’s just like any other business, it’s going to take time sacrifice and energy.

I’d rather have you start something you are passionate about but if you don’t have anything you are really passionate about and you want to get involved in business then look at one of those businesses and go build it because at least you are building something with some mentorship.

Read Business Magazines Journals Blogs & Books

Start to learn by reading about your industry whatever it is. There are journals blogs books and magazines on almost every topic and with the internet phones and computers nowadays it easier than ever to consume information and learn as much as you can. There is help out there, get that knowledge, it helps you become a better entrepreneur. When you read about business and entrepreneurship it helps expand your mind and helps you learn. Take bits and pieces, look for one or two things that are going to help you move forward.

Books are amazing. Read biographies and autobiographies about successful people out there in business so you can see that they are just regular people like us, they have the same mistakes but they are people who kept fighting, people who didn’t let the flicker of disappointment stop the flame of desire, people who kept learning skills and kept going forward. That’s what you need to do if you want to become an entrepreneur so read about other people, it’s amazing what will help you.

Attend Business Seminars & Events

Establish a budget for attending seminars. Go and get a couple ideas that you can apply to your business and you will get a return on your investment. In a business environment schools are for employees and seminars are for entrepreneurs. Smart entrepreneurs go to seminars, get a few ideas, and apply them in their life. Business seminars are a great place to pick up skills that are going to help you with your business.

You have got to get the knowledge that is going to help propel you forward or you are just going to have excuse after excuse. Seminars can also be a great place to network with other entrepreneurs.

Network with Other Entrepreneurs and Find Mentors

When you go out and you are looking to build relationships go find people that are doing what you are doing. Learning from different mentors and people that are in your business helps you learn what they are doing so you can continue to grow. Iron sharpens iron. Once your network with enough people you will be able to find a personal mentor you can work with that can help you move forward.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life, in a way, we are all marketing and dealing with people every day, even with your family. We got to learn to have a greater poster and presents because it will help you market yourself. Getting there can be a struggle, it can take work, and it can take time. You get there by understanding that you have your belief, learning from the results of your actions. You don’t have to be a salesperson, you’ve got to be passionate about what you believe in, you’ve got to have drive and determination.

Everyone has passion drive and determination, it all comes from your self-love, your intuition, and your belief.

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One thought on “How To Gain Entrepreneurial Skills

  1. Arie

    November 8, 2017 at 6:11am

    This is great advice for anyone who is just starting out with building a business!

    I started up a website around my passion nearly 6 months ago and ever since then, I have been consistently posting content every week! While I have not earned anything yet, I know that it does take time and patience in order to really get the results you want.

    One thing that I have yet to do is attend live seminars for learning more about building an online business, however, that is definitely something I am interested in and will make sure I attend one sometime in the future.

    When it comes to gaining more knowledge about business, I tend to read plenty of blog posts about it but not much with books or magazines. I was listening to one audio book called The 4 Hour Work Week which I never got around to finishing but I heard good things about it.

    My question is, do you know of any other books related to this topic which you would recommend to others that are trying to become entrepreneurs?

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    • Author


      November 8, 2017 at 7:16am

      Keep up the great work and your consistency will build momentum. Books are a great starting point especially if you don’t have all the money it takes to go to a expensive seminar or retreat.

      I’ve learned to love books , listening to them anyway. I have listened to the four hour work week, it’s got some great tools information in their but no so much beginning entrepreneur as other books I’ve read. I’m glad you asked, I’ll be adding a lot more book reviews over the next month.

      Three books off the top of my head to read for becoming an entrepreneur would be the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins, the go Giver, and the 15 success traits of pro bloggers by Jonathan Milligan. 

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