How To Find Online Business Mentors

An important part of a business and an important part of life to understand what a mentor is.

A mentor is someone who can give you advice, somebody who can help you because they have been through the experience already.

An online business mentor is someone who can guide you through the landmines as someone who has been where you want to be, or is where you want to be, and has been where you are. That’s really all a mentor is.


Understand A Mentor Isn’t the Same as a Hired Coach

Understand most mentors are really busy, they have a lot going on in their lives or you wouldn’t want them to become a mentor. You can’t just expect them to drop everything and go help you so don’t be needy because that turns them off.


Always Bring Value to the Table

If you want the help of some online business mentors you should understand what you are willing to invest. It could be energy or time or even money.

It’s crazy how many people don’t want to add value and just hammer a mentor. Don’t do that because they are just going to push you away.

Be professional, get to know the person then bring value to their life, show them how you can help them and why they would want to help you and it will make a big difference. Have gratitude for the people who come into your life and help you. It’s amazing how gratitude will allow others to come into your life and help you even more.

Once you have found an online mentor be clear about your expectations and your level of commitment, consider the time requirements and availability of your mentor and see if you can establish a time to discuss a topic you are curious about.


Disregard Disappointments and Keep Moving Forward

When you do find a mentor you really like and you share ideas and you share energy, and you think this is my person, don’t be offended if the person doesn’t mentor you, it’s not your fault, it’s just that they have a business and they have things going on.

Don’t be offended if your mentor tells you something that you don’t like or does not appear as you thought they would appear, that’s life. Don’t get angry, challenge your way of thinking because you might be seeing things a little narrowly.


When the Student is Ready the Teacher Will Appear.

You need to have a vision and know what you want. Be clear on why you want a mentor, a lot of people just want mentors because they just want the secrets, get clear about why you really want to bring them into your life and they will come. Finding a mentor is easier than you may think.


How To Find a few Online Business Mentors Today

Business really starts coming together when you surround yourself with people who are doing the sort of things you are looking to learn about.

I found my first online business mentors inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join as a starter. Start by following the top 25 ranked members in the WA community and read their autobiography (their profile pages). If you relate to your mentor or the mentor’s student’s success stories there is a real good chance that the mentor can help you too. Don’t forget to follow me as well, here is My WA Profile.

Coaches also make great mentors but they also cost lots of money, but I know of one who is a free mentor. He’s a hell of a guy, every single day with his coach-cast he shares great energy and life changing ideas to keep you moving forward in all areas of life. He is “The Morning Coach”. JB is all about molding lifestyle and business together which makes sense to me and a whole lot of people. Follow JB on FaceBook or from

Here are some other options that I found online:

  • There are a lot of great books written by mentors concerning online business.
  • MicroMentor is a free online small business mentor service where you can find a mentor and even be a mentor.
  • Score Mentoring is a service done by volunteering small business counselors who share their expertise across 62 industries.
  • Find a Mentor is another mentor matcher with more than 15,000 categories including leadership, success, career, and communication coaching. Here you can find one-on-one mentors and build brainstorming groups.
  • MentorCity is mentoring software that provides matches based on skills, industry, job function, experience, gender, location, and language.

I’m quickly discovering there are many mentorship opportunities online, more than I can cover for now. If you have any questions, want to share other places you found online business mentors, or a good book, please leave a comment.

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