4 Simple Tips to Simplify your Writing

All that academic writing that you remember writing for you teachers is not what works in the world. People don’t want to read a paper or a journal article.

You don’t have to write academically to be a writer. People don’t buy that and your teachers and professors are not buyers.

Who buys? People that get your message.

How do you write a message? You Keep it Short and Simple.

It helps to think of it as writing at a 3rd-grade level and so a 3rd grader can understand.

Reduce Complexity

We don’t want the complexity, we don’t need more in our lives, we already have enough complexity.

For a long time, I had a major issue with writing until I found writing mentors. I had to break free and think about my writing in a different sense.

I thought the writing was too complicated. I worried about the comma placement and other grammatical issues but that is not what writing is.

Writing is simply conveying a message.

Write in Smaller Chunks

Make your sentences too long or your paragraphs too big and people are less likely to read it through the end.

Just write for your audience and don’t forget to listen to them as well. Thier feedback is most valuable.

Develop Your Own Story List

Stories are how we learn, it’s in our DNA, it’s how our ancestors learned before computers and TV and even before radio it was books.

Before books, it was sitting around the campfire and telling stories.

Anyone who is producing content needs a story list because that’s what makes you different and what makes you unique.

Instead of just talking about the details and features of something we have to incorporate benefits by adding some story.

When people can see your stories it really allows you to engage and grow with people.

I use to think I wasn’t a good storyteller, I didn’t want to share, I didn’t think that I had anything interesting happen to me that people care to know about. Now I’m in the process of changing that mindset.

Use Pencil and Paper or Distraction Free Writing Software

To me, there is something special about using a simple pencil and paper when it is time to write.

Writing this way helps me focus on the message of the article and gets me more into the flow of writing.

You may prefer typing and not have a nostalgic love for writing by hand like me but that’s totally fine because there are plenty of distraction free writing software available.

In order to get into a good writing flow, you need to manage your distractions and I’m sure you have realized that can be a hard thing to accomplish in today’s modern world.

Try a text editor that takes up the entire screen like when you click the full-screen mode on a video.



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